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The late Ali Sakir Tatveren, the founder of the company, brought the unique flavor of chestnut sugar, known as the taste of Mediterranean and European countries, to Bursa for the first time in Bursa. Ali Sakir Tatveren who was born in the monastery of Yugoslavia who learned the profession of confectionery and pastry with his father established the Kafkas Collective Company in 1930 after continuing his family career in Kars Sarikamis and the Kafkas for a while. Tatveren, who opened his first shop on Ataturk Street in Bursa, established the throne in the hearts of the people of Bursa with the support of his wife and his products. Upon the death of Ali Sakir Tatveren in 1957, his wife Nedret Tatveren and his children Alparslan, Atilla and Yuksel Tatveren were appointed to the management of the company. Atilla and Yuksel Tatveren, who took over from their father Ali Sakir Tatveren, have made significant leaps in chestnut sugar and other products for many years. In this process, Karyoka (chocolate covered chestnut candies) production was performed for the first time by Yuksel Tatveren. Kafkas, which has become a sought-after name in pastry and confectionery making, renewed its technological infrastructure to meet the increasing demand towards the 1970s. Increasing the variety of chestnut sugar in 1980s, it gave dealership outside of Bursa. In 1995, the company's structure was transformed into A.S. Kafkas becomes a well-known brand in the production of chestnut sugar thanks to the diligence in the family's small confectionery business and the quality products it produces. By conveying the secret of flavor from generation to generation in the family, a new interpretation is brought to chestnut sugar. Production by traditional methods in time turns into industrial scale production. Kafkas achieves the trust of its customers with the compliance of hygiene and quality standards of its products produced in its modern facilities. Kafkas continues its production in its modern facilities with 6500 m² closed and 12.500 m² open area in accordance with ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 22000 standards.
Our company, AFERIN GIDA has been continuing its way without compromising its flavor and quality since 2007, along with the principle of providing the same taste and the tact of the homemade natural pastry production to the sweet and beverage sections of the cafes and restaurants as it has been providing for the hotels and restaurants in more corporate and innovative structure for years, while embellishing these gourmet environments. We are honoured and proud of offering you better services and high quality products.
Sehzade lokum was established by Darendeli Huseyin Aga, and started producing in Malatya since 1939, Thereby, it became a patrimony descended from father to son with each generation, holding as a legacy its own specific formula of turkish delights. Sehzade lokum never ceased to rely on its consumers and friends to work on the continuous improvment of its products, it is in that way that Sehzade gained great experience, expertise and confidence. Moreover, Sehzade has developped its corporate strategy based on the ethics of impeccable hygiene, health and excellent taste. Since its establishment, Sehzade lokum has always kept its place within the turkish traditional confectionery industry as one of the world wide and leader companies, up to now, our turkish delights still hold the scrumptious taste along with nutritious ingredients.
HASAN MASAT, who started to trade in 1965 by making sweet sales on the table, went to Syria for 10 years to learn about the construction of Kunefe in 1980 and he returned in 1990 and established the first kunafeh production facility. Hasan Masat, who keeps quality and hygiene at the forefront; received the certificates of iso 9001 quality management system and iso 22000 food safety management system certificates. Hasan Masat continuing with 7 branch, 2 production facility, 2 logistic warehouse and 67 dealers and distributing point continues to gain your confidence by providing quality and hygienic products to you dear customers ...
We have brought ANTEPLIOGLU Sweet Baklava, which was first established in Istanbul in 1994, to the day-to-day by branching to the family. We heard the need to set up PURTAT company to separate our production and our branches because of the increase of imitations under the name of Antep and the sale of poor quality products, the customers being victims, branding and awareness decreasing. With our past experience as PURTAT, we succeeded in becoming a corporate company by completing all the documents in a short time in our production facility and full staffing. We are continuing our production and sales activities with the name ANTEPLIOGLU PURTAT, keeping the confidence and quality in the foreground. Our products are produced under the supervision of our food engineers, from carefully selected raw materials through quality control and R & D studies, using hygienic conditions and environmentally friendly technology.
Our company, which adopts the principle of offering unique tastes to our customers, was established in 1970 by Haci Zeki AKTAS. Our company, which has moral mortar, finishing stones and the mold of "being a good person first", started its activities in a small workshop in Gulbahce district in Bursa. Our company, which started to produce baklava under difficult conditions, has earned the effort and patience to put it on itself. Our company, which went into a period of moves with the sales and display points opened in the city center in 1983, started to rise with our Setbasi store, which is still our favorite in 1985, and since 1995, it has entered the process of growth and providing better quality service by breaking its shell and forming a corporate identity. In 2005, it decided to increase the number of branches and establish a nationwide dealership network. The point we reached in 2010, It has managed to become an exemplary company with its employees who are trusted in its quality and hygiene conditions and who have adopted honesty as a principle and has become an exemplary company. Of course, not everything went well in this 50-year period. We had days when we were in trouble due to the economic conditions in our country. But under all circumstances, we managed to overcome these difficult days by not compromising our quality and by keeping our smile on our face. Now, we continue to raise our brand in every food platform by blending the flag we bought from our family elders with the production and modern operating conditions as required by the age. We had days when we were in trouble due to the economic conditions in our country. But under all circumstances, we managed to overcome these difficult days by not compromising our quality and by keeping our smile on our face. Now, we continue to raise our brand in every food platform by blending the flag we bought from our family elders with the production and modern operating conditions as required by the age. We had days when we were in trouble due to the economic conditions in our country. But under all circumstances, we managed to overcome these difficult days by not compromising our quality and by keeping our smile on our face. Now, we continue to raise our brand in every food platform by blending the flag we bought from our family elders with the production and modern operating conditions as required by the age.
Our main product is Turkish Delight that is produced in our factory at Avcilar-ISTANBUL/TURKEY under the brand of Haci Niyazi Efendi Turkish Delight (Lokum). For having detailed information please visit our website designed in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic. However the avarage quantity of nuts and fruits in the market known brand products is around 3% - 8%, we use nearly %30 because some countries' limit of %30, on the other hand we use %65 - 70 in most products for domestic market especially at many touristic places for example Sultanahmet, Taksim/Pera, Eminonu, Antalya etc. and we export to unlimitied nuts ratio accepted countries for example USA, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, France, Azarbaijan etc. We have certificate ISO 22000 too. Since making the first Almond-cream Turkish delight in Turkey, our range has increased to 55 varieties. In addition to the classics, we have green apple, chocolate, pistachio and saffron, mastic, coffee, watermelon and peanut varieties also available. Snack doner, sultan's dessert and vizier's lokma made of Ottoman flavors cezerye, honey, peanuts, pomegranates, almonds, walnuts and peanuts without using any sugar are among our other specialty products.
In 1970, we started to work with cheese and butter. In 2000, we started to produce kunefe. Cheese in the kunefe is our own production. The cows are fed carefully and the kunefe cheese is made from sweet milk. Take advantage of the unique flavor we bring to this day.
Our company was established in 1986 in Fidyekizik Village of Bursa as a candied chestnut production company. After R&D works, the market share was increased by presenting long life pasteurized products (shelf life of 1 year). Having the goal of being natural and producing natural foodstuffs our company took firm steps towards with sugarless 100% fruit, pure jams and other jams. Under "Kestat" brand we present 75 kinds of jams (tomato, eggplant, gum mastic, blackberry, bergamot, bitter orange etc.) Furthermore frozen aspberries, frozen blueberries, frozen blueberries, frozen chestnuts, raisins, dried figs and dried apricots are among the products. Wishing to gain the confidence of the idea of creating a permanent and long-term cooperation with you..
Our company was established in 1981 by Sehzade Kuruyemis name in Manisa. Starting as a small business showed itself in a very short time with driednuts production and sales. In 1993 the company opened its 2nd branch opposite to famous Beyazfil Building of Manisa. In 2001 the company opened its 4th retail store in Manisa and concentrated on production of mesir paste with the most accurate formula and the best taste. In 2007 the company presented the first product "Mesir Delight", "Mesir Candy" and "Mesir Tea" prepared with mesir paste. And then little and classic size big jar of single use mesir paste were presented to the market. Using Maccun registrated brand the company plans to increase its production and product variety through the demands of customers. Maccun products are prefered because of its easy consumption, light and provocative differences of taste by youngs and olders.
“We keep serving without shifting from our path since 1980.”
As Tafe Gida, we established a facility to introduce traditional tastes, where we make production with new, modern and cutting-edge technology. Traditional sweets, special baklavas, cookies, chocolate bars, Turkish delight, almond and pistachio marzipans are revived with our experience, knowledge and innovative ideas. We offer these unique tastes produced with raw materials supplied by the most reliable producers of our country under hygienic conditions with no additives and conforming to quality standards in special packaging. We aspire to remind you of these traditional tastes once more and bring some sweet joy into your lives. In fact, you are familiar to Tafe. The Tahincioglu Family, who entered into the food industry with tahini production in Mardin in 1926, continued its operations in Diyarbakir with the active participation of Fehmi Tahincioglu in 1952. Kent Gida established by the family in 1957 in Istanbul, received much acclamation in Turkey throughout the years with the brands it created. Fehmi Tahincioglu's experience and accumulation of knowledge in his business life starting from 1952 and integrated with Kent Gida, now introduces traditional tastes to you in Tafe Gida. We have ISO 22000 and Halal certificates.
Abdul Halil Ozgur, who is from Gerger, Adiyaman immigrated to Malatya, learned the production and skill of Turkish Delight. He came to Istanbul in 1974 and started to produce his own Turkish Delight in a 50m2 shop in Eminonu Kucukpazar district with his brothers. In the first years in Istanbul's historic districts and touristic regions, unique delightful Turkish Delights served to customers. Over time, he got Turkey's renowned and reputable Turkish Delight Master title. In 1980s, he expanded production and moved a new plant of 2500 m2 in Gunesli district. Over time, Turkish delicacies were recognized in Turkey and in many countries of the world. Along with his son Yakup Ozgur, he has exported Turkish delight to some 60 countries of the world and continues to do so. He has represented Turkey at many international fairs of the world and continues to do so. In many countries of the world, the HACIZADE brand represents Turkey and the name HACIZADE comes to mind when when you speak of Turkey in New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Dubai and London.